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Every Ending is a New Beginning

Friends, Neighbors and Co-Workers

The Novus Project Team is committed to recycling construction materials throughout the construction process to support the two main environmental benefits: it saves energy and it reduces landfill waste.

The Project Team through its trade Partner Trifecta and its demolition operations is proud to report we recycled 15,439 tons of concrete (769 dump truck loads) and 243 tons of metal and rebar.

Fact: Recycling one ton of cement could save 1,360 gallons water, 900 kg of CO2.

Fact: For every ton of recycled steel, it saves one and a half tons of iron ore, half a ton of coal, and 40 percent of the water normally used in the production process. By using ferrous scrap rather than virgin materials in the production of iron and steel, CO2 emissions are reduced by an astounding 58 percent.

"Thank you again for the opportunity to team with you guys on this one Samet! You guys are by far the best GC I have teamed with in a very long time. "

Jason Tolar

Senior Project Manager

Trifecta Services Company

As end the demolition operations of the old South Bank, we begin construction of The Novus, a new 27-story high-rise luxury mixed use condominium and apartment building.

A shout out to the Trifecta team for a job well done! Enjoy the video showing the demolition from start to finish.

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