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The Dirt on Dirt

When you think of The Novus Project, your mind’s eye quickly turns to the design details that you can physically see and touch when the project is complete. Details such as in-laid brick and steel columns reminiscent of Durham’s rich industrial history with worldwide tobacco brands including Bull Durham and Lucky Strike. With the inlaid brick and steel pillars at the entrance canopy, pedestrians can flow beneath and around the building, creating an outdoor space that highlights the building’s uniqueness and gives a glimpse into the original design found within.

What does not come to mind is the dirt the Building will be built on and how much dirt is displaced to prepare the site for commencement of the foundation work. This includes deep excavation activities to carve out the future basement, which requires the displacement of dirt and rock. But the basement is not the only component of a Project that ends up below grade. The micro piles, aggregate piers, mat foundations, pile caps, and elevator pits also create displaced dirt. The deeper the foundation or the larger the footprint, the larger the quantities of displaced dirt. This is a common sight on most construction projects.

But what happens to the displaced dirt and rock as the project progresses? It is either compacted and used as part of the foundation itself or exported off site as excess fill and repurposed or disposed. Due to the small footprint of The Novus Project, most dirt and rock is displaced. Some fun facts about the work currently underway:

Approximately 21,991.42 tons or 16,534.90 cubic yards of dirt have been displaced. This represents approximately 900 to 1,000 truck loads required to move the dirt off site.

Approximately 15,223.80 tons or 7,517.93 cubic yards of rock have been displaced. This represents approximately 1,1100 truck loads required to move the rock off site.

The sitework is being executed by Mid Atlantic Infrastructure located at 1301 S Briggs Ave in Durham, NC 27703. Phone: (919) 598-7746.

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