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Watermelon Extravaganza

Samet’s Safety Team visited The Novus Project to talk about Heat Injury Prevention while cutting up Watermelon for everyone on site to enjoy. Workers enjoyed a a refreshing treat while learning about Heat Injury Prevention!

The Novus Team

Balancing out bitterness isn't the only way salt (plus a little kick in the Tajin salt) makes watermelon taste better. Salt is also known to stir up the salivary glands, making anything your tongue touches taste a bit juicier (via Southern Living), which can be a life saver in the summer heat. As the humidity hits us, our bodies sweat, continuously dropping our sodium levels. Have you ever noticed that the more you sweat, the more your body craves salt? That's Mother Nature waving the red flag, reminding you to get your electrolytes in check. Biting into that lightly salted, juicy watermelon helps replenish your body with nutrients, restoring those electrolytes and keeping your body hydrated with every bite.

Seconds anyone?

Have a safe summer!

Enjoying watermelon in the summer heat.

Samet's Safety Team Rocks!

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